Terroir: A Winemaking Tycoon Game

I’m the programmer on a team of awesome people at General Interactive Co. creating Terroir, a winemaking tycoon game, where you’re in charge of your own chateau and vineyard.

You’ll be able to choose from several different grape varietals and soil types to plant in, and the weather will affect the wine’s taste and yield. Once you’ve harvested the year’s crop, you’ll enhance the flavour through processes like maceration and fermentation, organise tasting sessions with wine critics, sell to distributors and build up a cellar where your wines can mature to perfection.

The game is in it’s alpha stage at the moment and we’re working on many improvements. Terroir is currently on Steam Greenlight, so if you like the idea and want to help us out, please vote for our game! The Greenlight page also has more information about the game, a trailer, playthrough video and a number of screenshots. We’ve also got a lot of updates scheduled so follow us on the Greenlight page if you’d like to keep track of the project.

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Terroir: A Winemaking Tycoon Game

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