Rainbow Quest release

A game of daring and bravery.

A game of sheep related puns.

A game of awesomeness.

Make your way through the labyrinth, fighting dragons along the way. Rescue your seven friends, one for each colour of the rainbow. Collect gems to buy quest items like the Woolly Jumper or Shear Strength potion to help you on your way.

Only ewe can save them.

Every time you play, a different labyrinth is generated giving unlimited variability for your adventure!


I released Rainbow Quest on Android today. You can download it on Google Play here. If you enjoy labyrinths, dragons, or sheep related puns, this game is for you!

Beware of the dragons:

Rainbow Quest action

And behold! The Woolly Jumper, which enables you to jump over walls:

The Woolly Jumper

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