Unity Infinite Roller Tutorial

Create an infinite runner game using Unity with our written or video tutorial. Learn to draw sprites, record sound effects and program the game in C#. This Unity infinite runner tutorial shows you how to start developing your own games using free software: Unity, a game development platform, to build and program the game; Inkscape, a vector graphics program, to draw sprites; Audacity, audio editing and recording software, to record and edit sound effects.

Play the game here.

You can watch the tutorials on YouTube, or if you’d prefer written tutorials, you can find the links below.

Tutorial Zero – Game and Unity introduction

Tutorial One – Creating Art and Importing to Unity

Tutorial Two – Prefabs and Terrain Creation

Tutorial Three – Infinite Terrain and Character Controller

Tutorial Four – Following the Character and Jumping

Tutorial Five – Random Terrain Gaps and Character Death

Tutorial Six – Menu

Tutorial Seven – Random Terrain Height

Tutorial Eight – Scoring and Saving High Scores

Tutorial Nine – Creating Sound Effects

Tutorial Ten – Audio in Unity

Tutorial Eleven – Blocks Part One

Tutorial Twelve – Blocks Part Two

Tutorial Thirteen – Blocks Part Three

Tutorial Fourteen – Blocks Part Four

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